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Microprocessor controlled power pack (3200 J) with 3 lamp base connections, stabilized color temperature on 2 main connections, variable output distribution (asymmetrical/symmetrical), control range 6.7 f-stops for main connections, 4 f-stops for reserve connection in 1/10 or 1/3 f-stop intervals, display simultaneously in joules and f-stops, joules switchable to percentage, fully illuminated control panel and LCD-display, flash duration selectable on main connections, short-time exposure selectable, CTC-technology (Color Temperature Control) for constant or deliberately variable color temperature with Broncolor FCC (Flash Color Chronoscope), proportional modelling light over entire output range.

Additional functions: Flash sequences, triggering delay, selectable flash duration, slow charging, ping-pong release, stroboscopic effects with one or more power packs, choice of two infrared channels, etc., user-friendly menu-operated functions, menu text available in multiple languages (German, English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Swedish, Indonesian).

Integrated RFS interface (Radio Frequency System) for remote control respectively flash release of the unit by radio via transmitter RFS as well as by means of a transceiver RFS via PC or Macintosh computer When controlling via screen, 4 storage spaces for different lighting situations are at your disposal.

BRONCOLOR GRAFIT A4 Specifications

Charging time (100% of selected energy)
(120 V) 0,04 - 3,2 s
(100 V) 0,04 - 4,4 s
Can be switched to slow charging mode for low amperage power outlets
Control range
6 7/10 f-stops for main connections, 4 f-stops for reserve connection in 1/10 or 1/3 f-stops interval. Display simultaneously in joules and f-stops, joules switchable to percentage.
Illuminated silicone keyboard, resistant to dust and scratches. Wireless remote control with infrared Servor d.
F-stop at 2 m 100 ISO, reflector P70
90 2/10
Flash duration t 0.1 (t 0.5)
1/80 - 1/6000 s
(1/240 - 1/10 000 s)
Flash duration and energy automatically regulated for optimum color temperature. Flash duration can be preselected.
Flash energy
3200 J
Lamp base connections
2 main connections with flash cut-off and 1 reserve connection
Power output distribution
Symmetrical and variable asymmetrical.
Ready display
Visual and audible (can be switched off); signals when 100% of selected energy is reached.
Color Temperature
CTC-technology (Color Temperature Control) for constant or deliberately variable color temperature with broncolor FCC (Flash Color Chronoscope)
Flash release
Manual release button, photocell (can be switched off)
infrared receiver (can be switched off), sync cable, FCM
2, FCC, IRX2, IRQ, Transmitter RFS
Modelling light
Halogen max. 3 x 300 W at 100-120 V
Proportional to flash energy and "full" and "low" settings.
Proportionality adjustable to other broncolor power packs, compact units and their various output levels.
No. of sync sockets
1 (instead of the second sync socket there is the radio antenna.)
Operational distance in closed rooms
Up to 30 m
Operational distance outdoors
Up to 50 m
Up to 300 m
Remote control
With integrated 10 channel RFS interface (Radio Frequency System) for the remote control of the unit by radio via transceiver RFS from PC or Macintosh computer. Each channel (Studio) can control up to 15 units.
With IR-manual remote control Servo
Stabilized flash voltage
+/- 0,5%
EC standard 73/23, UL 122
ERM EN 300 220-1,-3
EMC EN 301 489-1,-3
EN 60950
EN 50371
FCC Part 15
288x180x407,5 mm
Lamp bases compatibility
Pulso 2, F2, 4, F4, 8, Pulso Twin, Pulso G
Primo, Picolite, Mobilite
Ringblitz, Pulso-Spot 4 Universal lamp base with RT plug
Power requirements
110-120 V/60 Hz, switchable to 230 V/50 Hz, current consumption 15 A.
Remote control compatibility
Transceiver RFS, Servor d, Servor e, Servor 3, Servor 2
(without additional functions)
Remote release compatibility
Transmitter RFS
11 kg
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