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6X6 SILENT GRID Features

All fabrics were tested in a black chamber with an incandescent light source at one end and the fabric positioned 2/3 of the way between the source and the digital light meter.

• 6'x 6' Butterflies measure approximately 5'8"x 5'8"

• 8'x 8' Butterflies measure approximately 7'8"x 7'8"

• 12'x12' butterflies measure approximately 11'8" x 11'8"

• 20'x 20' butterflies measure approximately 19'8"x 19'8"

• 20'x 20' bobbinets measure approximately 19'6"x19'6"

GRID CLOTH: Matthews offers 3 types of Grid Cloths, from standard Grid Cloth to Lite to 1/4, and of course Silent Grid Cloth to Silent Lite to Silent 1/4. Many users will prefer to use Silent Grid Cloth outside on a windy day to cut down extraneous noise.

Matthews Grid Cloths are available in 54" width fabric and are treated to be self-extinguishing. Available in any size you want they can be purchase both by the yard and by the bolt.

6X6 SILENT GRID Specifications

Fabric Type
Silent Gridcloth
Light Loss
Appx: 2.6 Stops
Fabric Size
5.8" x 5.8"
Main Use
Heavy diffusion of light. Introduces a considerable amount of ambient bounce, Many phtographers use Silent Grid Cloth outside on a windy day to cut down extraneous noise
Safty Character