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The most versatile reflector within the Profoto system. Zoomable from real wide angle illumination of 100° to a standard beam of 65°. Also perfect in combination with umbrellas. 5°, 10° and 20° grids and snoot (10 06 51) can be used with grid- and filterholder (90 06 49). Furthermore 4-sided barn doors are available (10 06 71). Guide number 64 (100°)-128 (65°), (ISO 100/21°, 1200Ws, 1m)

The versatile Zoom Reflector is supplied with the Acute ABS unit, and is available separately. By pushing the reflector forward or backward on the lamp head, the spread and effect of the light can be greatly altered. Pushed all the way back (to setting 8), it gives very even lighting over a broad area. The light-spread of 100 degrees, at a distance of 6' (2m) from a wall provides completely even illumination over an area 12' (4m) in diameter. At setting 6, it provides very effective lighting in a circle, for example, properly filling an umbrella. At setting 4, it gives extremely concentrated lighting (65 degrees of light-spread) with an intense lighting effect. The difference between setting 8 and 4 is plus 3 stops.

Along with its zoom feature, it accepts a variety of accessories including Grid and Filterholder, Barn Doors, Snoot, and 5°, 10° and 20° Grids for a wide range of light shaping possibilities.

The Grid and Filterholder is the most versatile accessory for the Zoom Reflector. Filters can be mounted between the light source and the accessory. There is an air space between the filter and the reflector which prevents the filter from getting burned. Besides a Filter-Cassette, there is a diffusion filter included. It is a little-known fact that grids are more efficient if a diffusion filter is mounted behind them (between the light source and the grid).

Honeycomb grids narrow the light beam, and are available in 20°, 10°, and 5° coverage.

The four-sided Barn Door mounts directly onto the Zoom Reflector. It features springs for mounting filters and/or honeycomb grids. It blocks undesired light from the subject or the camera lens. Mounted on the reflector, it has a minimal effect on the lighting design.

The Filterholder mounts directly onto the Zoom Reflector. A gelatin filter 40x40cm (16"x16") can be mounted.

A Snoot, which is mounted into the Grid-Holder and locked in place by the Filterholder, provides concentrated light at a specific point.

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