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The Profoto Pro 7 B2 is a battery powered flash system designed for the photographer that works on location and has high demands on the power and speed needed. The performance is what you have learned to expect from Profoto; fast recycling (0.04-1.8 sec), short flash duration (1/2200 sec at full power), up to 250W modeling lamp (continuous or timer controlled), user-friendly design and exceptional reliability. Up to 200 flashes at full energy can be used per battery charge.

The flash energy can be symmetrically or asymmetrically distributed through one or two heads and the energy level is adjustable over 8 f-stops in 1/10 steps. The Pro-B2 accepts all Pro Heads including the ProHead, ProRing, ProTwin as well as the small, portable and lightweight Pro-B Head.

The Pro-B2 is delivered with an integrated 32-channel/4-zone radio receiver for cordless triggering. This Digital Wireless Freedom (DWF) makes it possible to have digital radio triggering between exposure meters, cameras, flash units and PocketWizard transmitters and receivers.

The Profoto ProB2 is fully compatible with all Pro7B accessories the entire lineof Profoto light shaping accessories.

Meeting the challenges on location:

• Working on location is always a challenge: There is not enough time. There is not enough space. There is not enough light. And worse: there is no electricity.

A Battery flash with studio performance:

• Avoiding the inconven ience of a gas generator, you will look for battery-powered gear. Which traditionally means serious compromise in power and features. But not any more. Leaving the studio with the Profoto Pro-B2, you are bringing 200 full power 1200Ws flashes. Along with two lamp outlets accepting the entire range of Profoto light shaping tools. And all of that in a box that recycles in just 1.8 seconds.

Use it while recharging it:

• Back in the studio, using the snap-on universal power adapter, the B2 can actually operate as a regular .ash generator while the battery is being recharged. The adapter is fast, charging an empty battery in just 2.5 hours, and it accepts a wide range of input power: 12-24Vor 90-240V.

• Included with every Pro-B2 is a standard 110/230Vcharger, loading the battery in 5 hours. Needless to say, the battery is replaceable. In other words, you just bring as much energy as needed. Also, because the Pro-B2 battery is completely memory free, there is no penalty for partial charging.

Fine-grained energy control:

• The output power can be adjusted over a full eight f-stop range, from 9Ws up to 1200Ws, in increments of 1/10 or 1/2 f-stop, for really fine-grained control. The two outlets allow the power to be split symmetrically or asymmetrically with a 2:1 ratio. Of course the unit provides consistent output flash after flash, hour after hour.

PROFOTO PRO 7B2 1200W/S POWER PACK Specifications

1200 Ws
Energy Control:
Over an eight f-stop range (down to 9Ws). In 1/10 or 1/2 step adjustments.
Energy Distribution:
Symmetric or Asymmetric (2:1 ratio)
0.04 to 1.8 Sec.
Number of Outlets:
Flash Duration:
1/2200 to 1/7400 sec.
Flash Capacity:
Up to 200 full power flashes per charge
Modelling Light:
Up to 250 Watt, continuous or time controlled (max 60 sec.)
Nonspillable lead/acid battery in a battery cassette for rapid exchange
Charging Time:
5 hours with standard multi-voltage charger and 2.5 hours with universal power adapter
9.44" x 6.69" x 9.05" / 24cm x 17cm x 23cm
24.25 lbs / 11 kg (including battery)
Indicator for battery status, for full, 3/4, 1/2, and 1/4 power; built-in photocell, 2 sync outlets
Optional built in Radio with 32 channel / 4 Zone for remote operation.
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