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Give your photo sessions the romantic glow you desire with the 46" SOFTLIGHTER II. The classic umbrella-shaped light source delivers light that has been totally reflected before it is diffused, producing soft and even light reminiscent of moonglow.

• Illuminates 11 sq ft

• Perfect for 1 to 2-person head-to-waist shots

• 3 x 4 ft product shots

This SOFTLIGHTER II model has a 8mm removable center shaft, allowing you to bring the light source closer to your subject to achieve the softest light possible. Although ideal for portrait photography, the SOFTLIGHTER II also a versatile lighting tool, working well in a variety of photo shoots and as strobe and artificial lighting.

For additional effects, the SOFTLIGHTER II includes gold and silver light enhancing discs. Use these light modifiers to warm the color of your light or to give it more sparkle and contrast. The inserts can also increase the light output by a full half stop.

The SOFTLIGHTER II is a convenient lighting option, setting up in minutes with no collars or ribs to set up. It's also light weight, making it easy to transport to your shoots.

• White reflective surface, free of bleach and fluorescence, perfectly reflects the color of your light

• Ten-panel construction (instead of the usual eight) provides more reflective surface and a more perfect circle of light, ideal for capturing light in your subjects' eyes

• Black nylon cover stops stray light and ricochet. Remove cover and reverse its direction to convert the SOFTLIGHTER II into a softbox. The diffused light it produces can be used as a main light or fill.

Note: When mounting shoe mount flash units to the SOFTLIGHTER II, a shoe mount light stand/umbrella adapter is necessary. Shoe mount flash units will have to be set to manual because the entire unit will be inside the SOFTLIGHTER II, unless the flash unit is equipped with a remote sensor.

MEDIUM UMBRELLA Specifications

Use with strobe lights. Not for use with hot lights, or modeling lights over 250 watts.
Bulbs 7 1/4" or less in diameter
Tip-To-Tip Diameter
46" (1.17m)
Center Shaft
8mm Removable
Total Light Area
11 SQ. FT.
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