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All fabrics were tested in a black chamber with an incandescent light source at one end and the fabric positioned 2/3 of the way between the source and the digital light meter.

• 6'x 6' Butterflies measure approximately 5'8"x 5'8"

• 8'x 8' Butterflies measure approximately 7'8"x 7'8"

• 12'x 12' butterflies measure approximately 11'8"x 11'8"

• 20'x 20' butterflies measure approximately 19'8"x 19'8"

• 20'x 20' bobbinets measure approximately 19'6"x 19'6"

SILENT FROSTS AND HI-LITES: Silent Frosts will give you a soft, slightly diffused light with no ambient bounce, creating a light soft glow that's perfectfor outside shoots as it is virtually noiseless in the wind and holds its properties even in wet weather.

Matthews Hi-Lites are the best in the business, giving you soft diffusion similar to Silent Frosts yet with the option of being either welded or sewn. Both these products are available in any size you want.

6X6 SILENT FROST Specifications

Fabric Type
Silent Frost (Welded)
Light Loss
Fabric Size
Fabric Width: 54"
Main Use
Slightly diffuse light, no ambient bounce and does not create any wind noise
Safty Character
Flame Retardent
Webbing Color
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