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CANON 30-300 T2.95 EF 4K ZOOM LENS

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This Kit Includes

  • CANON 30-300 T2.95-3.7 CINE ZOOM

CANON 30-300 T2.95 EF 4K ZOOM LENS Features

Canon 30-300 T2.95 EF 4K Zoom Lens
Canon CN-E30-300mm T2.95-3.7 L Cine Zoom Lens | Adorama Rentals
Rent the Canon CN-E30-300mm T2.95-3.7 L SP Cine Zoom Lens. Features large, aspherical lenses; 30-300mm focal length; T2.95 maximum aperture & 11-blade iris.

The CN-E30-300mm T2.95-3.7 L SP: The Unrivalled Lens for Cinematography
Make your creative vision come to life with the CN-E30-300mm T2.95-3.7 L SP Cinema Zoom Lens. Equipped with a focal length range of 30-300mm, this versatile cine zoom lens is more than capable of meeting the demands of typical film sets. Such an expansive scope makes it possible for the lens to effortlessly go beyond industry standards and give you the extra room you need to explore a variety of artistic approaches. Its fast T2.95 maximum aperture is applicable to nearly itsentire focal length stretch, allowing you to frame your subjects correctly underpoor lighting conditions.
From building your story's setting to highlighting the importance of certain elements in a scene, the CN-E30-300mm provides all-round utility so that you can work uninterrupted without the need to change lenses. Set at 5.4° (its minimum diagonal angle of view), you can direct your viewers' attention solely on a specific detail or character for dramatic effect. Meanwhile, its maximum diagonal angle of view (51.6°) allows for a broad capture of the environment's features for informational storytelling. With this Canon Cine Zoom Lens, you retain impeccable sharpness and clarity regardless of the setting.
Courtesy of an innovative internal geared focus design, the CN-E30-300mm is able to keep a stable picture while shifting between magnifications. Having eliminated focus breathing, you get professional-grade precision and smooth zooms on top of a 4K resolution. Packed in a light and compact build, you can work for hours on end with minimal strain and fatigue.

Key features include:

•30-300mm focal length
•Fast maximum aperture (T2.95)
•Super35 and APS-C compatibility
•10x zoom ratio
•Large aspherical lenses
•Reduced minimum focus distance (5 ft or 1.5 m)
•Manageable size (5.67 x 6.58" / 144.0 x 167.1 mm)
•Relatively lightweight build (12.8 lbs or 5.8 kg) Achieve Unrivalled Optical Performance with Large Aspherical Lenses
Go beyond high-definition imaging with the Canon CN-E30-300mm T2.95-3.7 L Cine Zoom Lens. Built with innovative large aspherical lenses, this world-class cinema zoom lens provides you with consistent sharpness throughout its entire focal length, assisting you in producing top-notch films in virtually any situation. You'll enjoy superb 4K (4096 x 2160 pixels) optical performance on both Super35 and Advanced Photo System type-C (APS-C) cameras.
The CN-E30-300mm T2.95-3.7 L SP features fluorite elements to further refine imaging and reduce distortions. Paired with advanced anti-reflective coatings, you get impeccable high-definition recordings with reduced ghosting and flaring. What's more, this cine zoom lens makes use of anomalous dispersion glass, minimizing chromatic aberration to steer your work away from purple and green fringes. Wield the unsurpassed optical performance of the CN-E30-300mm and delight in rich color, clarity, and contrast rendition.

Work with Professional-Grade Gear
Produce stellar films with ease when you take advantage of the Canon CN-E30-300mm T2.95-3.7 L SP. Designed with the convenience of users in mind, this cine zoom lens is loaded with numerous convenient features to make your filming experience seamless from start to finish. Its covered flange-back adjustment mechanism ensures accurate back-focus so that you can keep your subject sharp no matter where it may be positioned in the frame. Together with its 11-blade iris, you can execute cinematic blurring techniques and achieve smooth bokeh shots effortlessly.
Intended to satisfy professionals and hobbyists in the most demanding production sets, the lens is designed with easy-to-read controls for minimally taxing operation. Its focus, zoom, and iris markings are printed on angled surfaces, making them more visible from behind the camera. Said markings are also seen from either side of the lens, with focus markings made to be switchable from standard labels to metric as needed. To top it off, this cine zoom lens' special glass elements and construction offsets barrel expansion and contraction. This makes for consistent marking placements under various temperatures, as well as eliminating the problem of flange-back changes.
Compact & Ergonomic Build
Weighing only 12.8 pounds (5.8 kg) and measuring only 5.67 x 6.58 inches (144.0 x 167.1 mm), the CN-E30-300mm T2.95 Zoom Lens sports a smaller and lighter build compared to other movie lenses in the market. As such, you get to work uninterrupted for hours on end with reduced hand fatigue. This Canon Cine Zoom Lens also gives just the right amount of resistance and consistent operating torque for smooth and efficient handling. Finally, it sports a unified front lens diameter and gear position for easy adjustments when switching between lenses.

Canon CN-E30-300mm T2.95-3.7 L SP Rentals in NYC
Do you want to take your films to the next level? With the Canon CN-E30-300mm T2.95-3.7 L SP, you can produce breathtaking footage that is hardly in need of post-production touchups. Enjoy HD captures, advanced internal focus, an ergonomic design, and more when you rent this digital cinema lens from for only a portion of its original price.
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