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This Kit Includes

  • FSI DM-250 25" LCD 1080 OLED MONITOR
  • POWER CABLE IEC 60320 110/250VAC
  • (2) x BNC CABLE / 3G SDI / 25'

FSI DM-250 25" LCD 1080 OLED MONITOR Features

The FSI DM250 OLED Monitor: A Must-Have for Production, Post, & Broadcast

Specially designed for critical image evaluation, the FSI DM250 is suitable for a variety of professional applications, including production, post-production, and broadcast. This 24.5-inch organic light-emitting diode (OLED) monitor utilizes a 10-bit color depth, giving it the power to display over 1.073 billion colors in high definition. The DM250 also features an expansive color gamut that allows precise color alignment from a wide array of sources to the screen.

Bearing the capacity to reproduce a vast amount of shades and colors, the DM250 25" grants users the advantage of being able to more stringently scrutinize their outputs for imperfections. Check for breakdowns in tonal gradations, variations in chromaticity, and other irregularities in a variety ofSDI and DVI signal formats including 1080p in 2K, SMPTE-274M, and DVI Digital. You can also view them on cutting-edge 12-bit, 4:4:4, and XYZ signal formats, aswell as engage the cross conversion function to transform DisplayPort / HDMI / DVI signals into an SDI output. With the FSI OLED Monitor, you can correct for flaws on the spot without the use of supplementary standalone lookup table (LUT) equipment.

The FSI DM250 LCD is programmed with the FSI's advanced Color Fidelity and LUT Interpolation Engine that readily lets you choose your preferred color space from Rec 709, EBU, SMPTE-C, DCI P3, Rec 2020 Emulation, Native Wide Color Gamut, or a Custom User Generated space. In addition, the DM250 is supported by numerous software applications that aid in previews and post-production such as FSI's DM Series IP Remote Utility, Pomfort's LiveGrade Pro, QTake's Grade Module, FireFly Cinema's FirePlay and FireDay, and Filmlight's Prelight.

The FSI DM250's noteworthy features include:

  • 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • 24.5-inch display
  • 10-bit color definition
  • 12-bit video processing
  • Third generation color fidelity engine (CFE3)
  • Excellent pixel efficiency
  • Multiple compatible signals for both SDI and DVI
  • Cross conversion capability
  • Third generation focus assist
  • Various zoom functions
  • Live side-by-side viewing
  • HDR preview
  • 5000:1 contrast ratio
  • 179-degree viewing angle
  • Multiple input ports
  • Two internal speakers

Harness the DM250's Third Generation Color Fidelity Engine

Experience immediate and hassle-free editing with the FSI DM250. A proud carrier of FSI technology's third generation color fidelity engine (CFE3), the DM250 OLED Monitor provides multiple 4,913 point (173) calibration units. Use these tools in real-time through applications such as Pomfort Livegrade without additional LUT management gear to perfect your project down to its minute details the moment your shots are availible for preview.

The FSI OLED Monitor makes this possible through its capacity to update DIT LUTs at hundreds of times per second. Its state-of-the-art CFE3 also supports applied LUT visualization, facilitating better color definition, contrast, and differentiation. These upgrades put the DM250 in a league of its own compared to previous monitor models enabled with older generations of CFE. You can even save up to 16 different 3D DIT LUTs and easily toggle between them for quick and effortless comparison.

Take advantage of the DM250's second screen monitor output and extend the power of the CFE3 to other LCD displays connected to your DM250. This is in addition to mirroring what you see on screen to downstream equipment. As such, you can centralize your control panel and manipulate anamorphic de-squeeze, markers, and timecode options from the DM250 25" to other LCD monitors.

Post-Process Like a Pro with a Professional-Grade OLED Monitor

Empower your workspace with the FSI DM250 OLED Monitor. Regulate exposure levels with ease using its four adjustment points in order to establish your desired target areas. Users are also provided with the convenience of performing corrective graphic revisions to their recordings and captures using various color tuning tools.

With the FSI DM250, you are given a variety of scopes to work with. Open the user-friendly RGB parade to view colors side by side and refine the quality and intensity of your recording's hues. Meanwhile, the CIE scope function illustrates a map of signals relative to your color space and compares it to a selectable secondary color gamut. Select either a CIE 1931 x,y or CIE 1976 u',v'diagram and generate the value difference of your current and reference positions expressed in a dE2000 value. What's more, the DM250 25" offers real-time YRGB measurements in percentage and 8-bit or 10-bit values. These may be used to determine the difference of two points in terms of an F/stop value.

The DM250 also executes and improves upon rudimentary editing options such asimage flip, focus assist, and frame capture. Enjoy these features at an excellent response time with the FSI OLED Monitor's Zero Delay Fast Mode, which reduces projection deferral to less than one field.

Enjoy Seamless Audio Tuning

Professionally synchronize and moderate audio to your video recordings with the FSI DM250. This OLED Monitor matches its graphics manipulation prowess with equally impressive tools for sound treatments. Horizontal and vertical audio level meters allow you to display up to 16 sound channels in True Peak, PPM Type I, or PPM Type II ballistics. With the DM250, you can adjust audio signals in terms of Alignment Level, Permitted Max Level, and Peak Hold Time.

High-Definition Display for Enhanced Critical Image Evaluation

The FSI DM250 is a 24.5-inch OLED monitor that features a high-pixel-density LCD display to ensure your outputs are reproduced on the screen in high-definition. With a spectacular contrast ratio of 5000:1, your content will be reproduced in rich detail on a large screen.

FSI DM250 25" 1080p OLED Monitor Rentals in NYC

Do you need a high-grade monitor to showcase and post-process your stills and recordings? You can't go wrong with the surreal power of the DM250 OLED Monitor. Instead of dropping thousands of dollars on a new monitor, why not rent the FSI DM250 from AdoramaRentals.com?

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