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MSE / Hostess Tray / Car Door Mount

The Matthews Studio Equipment (MSE) Brauer Hostess Tray Side Mount: Effortless Professional Grip
Empower your production set with a strong professional touch when you use the Matthews Studio Equipment (MSE) Brauer Hostess Tray Kit. This filmmaking apparatus is an indispensable tool that steers your work away from amateur mistakes when shooting scenes inside a moving vehicle. Featuring a sturdy side mount bracket that attaches securely to any side door, you get to affix a variety of video cameras worry-free to produce high-quality footage like a pro.
The side mount bracket works side by side with the Matthews Studio Equipment (MSE) Brauer Hostess Tray to give you the best video making experience imaginable. By utilizing the innovative duo, you save time and resources needed in polishing your footage during post-production. Avoid wasted takes and ensure that every frame is aligned exactly the way you'd envisioned it with the MSE Hostess Tray. Coming with the highest quality tie-down straps, screw jacks, and leveling heads, you're afforded with professional-grade grip via simple installation.

Key features include:

•Heavy-duty hostess tray
•High payload capacity
•Low profile four-way leveling head
•Adjustable tie-down safety straps
•Chrome plated metal components
•Rust-resistant hostess tray and side bracket
•Non-marking castings to prevent paint chipping
•Tight and slip-free grip heads
•Suction cups with MicroGrip technology
•Ergonomic build

Mount a Variety of Video Cameras onto the MSE Hostess Tray
See your creative vision come to life with the Matthews Brauer Hostess Tray Car Mount. Armed with an impressive payload capacity, this robust gear gives you the freedom to use almost any sort of video camera for your production. Secure large film or digital cameras onto the hostess tray and sit back as its heavy-duty construction lets you work without having to worry about the integrity of the support system. You can even fix multiple accessories and a gimbal stabilizer onto your setup and maintain a steady structure whether you're filming stationary or on the go.

Aside from the solid build of the mounting platform, the MSE Side Mount kit also features one-of-a-kind suction cups attached to its metal bracket. These modules are equipped with the power of MicroGrip Technology, which ensures a firm hold onto the car door's surface despite bumpy motions while traveling through rugged terrain. With the MSE Hostess Tray Car Mount, you're assured that your camera will come out unscathed even during non-optimal working conditions.

Produce High-Quality Videos with the Matthews Brauer Hostess Tray Kit
Boast outstanding video quality when you shoot with the MSE Brauer Hostess Tray Kit. Packed with a low profile four-way leveling head, you eliminate compromising frame tilts and misalignments before even applying touch-ups during post-production. The leveling head may be secured at different points on the hostess tray, allowing you to capture your subject from multiple angles. With the MSE vehicle camera mount, you get to experiment with different cinematography styles and fulfill your desired visual outcomes effortlessly.
The entire rigging system weighs 42 pounds (19.05 kg), contributing to the sturdiness of the equipment. Its meticulous design utilizes this weight to your advantage by spreading it out on all the right points of the vehicle. As such, the side bracket and all of the other components of the camera mount are able to act as if they are original components of the car, eliminating road vibrations by harmonizing its movements with that of the vehicle's.

Robust & World-Class Build
Every module found in the Matthews Brauer Hostess Tray Car Mount Kit is made from the finest materials, meeting international filmmaking standards. All of its metal surfaces are polished before being plated with chrome, making it very durable and highly resistant to corrosion. They are also heat treated to increase strength and resistance to external forces. Built to last a lifetime, the MSE Side Mount is more than capable of meeting the demands of the most grueling production sets.
To bring it all together, the Matthews Brauer Side Mount employs a no-nonsense design, aiding in quick and easy setup. Use the Hostess Tray and Side Car Mount on even the most unfavorable conditions to guarantee secure and reliable gripping performance.

MSE Brauer Hostess Tray Kit Rentals in NYC
Tired of ending up with amateur-like footage when shooting your subjects in a moving vehicle? With the Matthews Studio Equipment (MSE) Hostess Tray and Side Car Mount, you can raise your production value to the next level. Enjoy a high payload capacity, sturdy rigs, and a professional-grade leveling head when you rent the MSE Side Mount Kit from When you rent it from our website, you get to take advantage of its many convenient features for a fraction of its original price.
Our MSE Brauer Hostess Tray Car Mount kit comes with the MSE side mount rig, hostess tray, low profile leveling head, as well as a pair of ratchets and tie-down straps with hooks.
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