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This Kit Includes

  • AUDIO CABLE / XLR3 M-F / 20'


Sennheiser MKH 416 Shotgun Microphone
Rent Sennheiser MKH416 Shotgun Microphone | Adorama Rentals
Rent the Sennheiser MKH416 Shotgun Microphone. Features RF condenser design, hypercardioid pattern at low and medium frequencies & lobar pattern above 2 kHz.

Achieve Superior Sound Capture with the Sennheiser MKH416 Shotgun Microphone
The MKH416 is the industry standard for both film and television. It offers high consonant articulation and feedback rejection, which allows it to easily handle challenging outdoor filming and reporting situations. Crew members commonly utilize this device for outdoor newscasts, interviews, and location shoots. The Sennheiser MKH416 is also frequently used in voice-overs since it captures voices well and helps voice-over artists cut through the background sound effects and music.
This interference tube microphone provides outstanding directional control in a portable design. It also features high sensitivity and directivity, along with an innovative hypercardioid pattern and lobar pattern. Meanwhile, its RF condenser design makes it highly immune to humidity, making it ideal for shooting in poor weather conditions. These features and others make the MKH416 ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Key features of this Sennheiser Shotgun Microphone include:

•Pressure gradient receiver with short interference tube
•Excess mic noise control using RF technology
•High immunity to humidity
•High consonant articulation and feedback rejection
•Hypercardioid pattern at low and mid frequencies
•Lobar pattern above 2 kHz
•Matte black, all-metal body

Use the MKH416 for Film, TV, & Voice-Overs
This microphone is specially designed for film, radio, and television audio recording. Shotgun microphones, such as the MKH416, are usually classified as "movie mics". This is because crew members typically hover these mics above people's heads using long boom poles during shoots. Sound crews typically utilize the MKH416 for outdoor applications such as newscasts, interviews, and location shoots. Reporters also love to use the device in interviews because of its noise handling sensitivity and great reliability.
The MKH416 and its fellow shotgun mics are greatly valued as voice-over microphones. It's one of the best-known mics in the field due to its reduced plosive sensitivity. the device is also a great studio and live mic and is often used as an ambient mic in concert halls.

Capture High-Quality Sound with the Ultra-Directional Design
Classified as a short shotgun mic, the MKH416 is ultra-directional. It can efficiently receive audio in front of it at longer distances, giving it a much greater range than the typical condenser mic. The device's performance in picking up on-set dialogue is also optimized due to changes in transducer sensitivity. This sensitivity covers the 2,000-8,000 Hz frequency spectrum.
The MKH 416 features a lobar pattern that goes over 2 kHz. This pattern has the narrowest picking angle, which twists it further. It will also receive slight sounds from the sides for this specific reason.

Filter Out Unwanted Sound with the Hypercardioid Pattern
The MKH416 rejects background noise coming from behind it in a 120-degree field via its hypercardioid pattern. This type of polar pattern delivers primary sensitivity in front of the microphone. Hypercardioid mics have an even smaller and focused front pickup angle. This attribute leads to a greater rejection of undesirable noise and feedback. What's more, the hypercardioid pattern functions at both low and medium frequencies.
The microphone's directivity utilizes off-axis rejection to minimize background noise. It even regulates excess mic noise and delivers low noise levels through RF (radio frequency) technology and an RF design. Additionally, the device has a relatively low RF voltage that covers its transducer elements. This eliminates both arcing and DC-bias creeping currents.

Deliver Clean Recordings with the Sennheiser 416
The MKH416 is a favorite among voice-over artists due to its superb bass performance. This is thanks to the microphone's electronically balanced frequency response, which refine the attribute with the slightest noise. This device has a clear and warm bass response and is less boomy compared to large diaphragm microphones. These characteristics exist because of the "proximity effect".
The proximity effect occurs when a higher bass response is achieved with a lower mic capsule-speaker distance. Thus, voice talents can stand further away from the device as they deliver their lines with the help of the shotgun design's reach.
A compact diaphragm capsule is also featured in this Sennheiser shotgun mic. The capsule helps enhance the MKH416's high-frequency pickup directivity while reducing the adverse plosive effects' ability to compromise the recording.

Humidity Resistance with the RF Design
The MKH416 is well-known for its robust design, humidity resistance, and subsequent outdoor use. Its RF design gives it great immunity to humidity and moisture. Furthermore, the construction is less vulnerable to signal loss from capacitance leakage into water molecules. These molecules can condense internally in high humidity--a frequent issue that occurs during the outdoor use of more traditional AF condenser microphones. This problem also arises when these mics are used in other highly humid settings.

Sennheiser MKH416 Rentals in NYC
If you need the Sennheiser MKH416 Shotgun Microphone for a short-term project, consider renting it from Described by many personalities as the "desert island mic," the MKH416 is also known as "The LA Mic", and "The Movie Mic" because of its immense popularity in the film, television, and voice-over industries. This multi-purpose mic has excellent sound quality, as well as indoor and outdoor usability, making it a great tool for sound crews, audio engineers, and voice talents.
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