18 or older. Valid US state issued Photo ID or a Passport.

Valid Non-Debit Credit Card.

Equipment coverage.

Must be 18 or older. A valid US photo ID and a major Non-Debit Credit Card with enough line of credit available to hold the full replacement value of the equipment you are renting. Once we receive your equipment back and if there are no damages or losses, the Security Deposit on your card is released. Alternatively you can provide a Certificate of Insurance that covers rented Photo Equipment for the full replacement value, naming Adorama Rental Co as the Certificate Holder or Loss Payee. In this case, we will only put a hold for the amount of your deductible on your Credit Card. We do not provide Insurance. We strongly encourage renters to obtain an insurance policy, especially if you rent frequently or when the replacement value of your orders is high.


1 Day Rate

One 24 hour period.

3 Day Weekend Rate

Pickup Thursday after 4:30PM or anytime Friday and return on Monday before 9:30AM.

Week Rate

Seven consecutive, 24-hour periods.

Day Bonus Special

Pickup after 4:30PM and return 2 days later before 9:30AM to get the 1 Day Rate.

2+ Day Weekend Special

Pickup Thursday after 4:30PM or anytime Friday and return on Sunday before 12:00PM for a 1 Day Rate.


How do I place a reservation?

On our website -
By Phone - (212) 627-8487
By Email -
In Person - 50 W 17th Street, NYC or 370 19th Street, Brooklyn (view map)

How long in advance do I need to reserve?

We require 1 business day for new customers for the Verification Process.
Repeat customers orders require a minimum of 2 hours notice to be prepped.
Large orders will require additional prep time.

What are Insurance Certificate Requirements?

- Adorama Rentals must be the Loss Payee and Certificate Holder Address: 50 W 17th St, New York, NY 10011
- The certificate must list the insurance limit and deductible for Rented Equipment
- Customer Name and Address on the certificate must match the name on the account at ARC
- Insurance Agents information on the certificate needs to be up to date
- Please email all insurance certificates to, please include your order or account number

How do I get equipment?

Pickup - Pickup from our Manhattan or Brooklyn location. We also offer curbside pickup / drop-off in Manhattan so you do not have to leave your vehicle, just call us at 212-627-8487 from your car when you arrive.
Mail Order - We ship inside the US and for a minimum of a one week rental. Orders are shipped overnight. Renter pays for shipping costs both ways. Rental starts when you receive the order and ends when we do.

When will my Credit Card be charged?

At the time of reservation a $1 hold will be placed on your card for verification purposes. Upon pickup of the equipment, if you use a Credit Card to cover the replacement value of the equipment, we will authorize your CC for the full replacement of the equipment. The rental fee will be charged when your equipment is returned.

When does the "Hold" get released and put back on my credit card?

Authorizations (holds) will be released within 72 hours of the return of your order minus the rental fees. Please check with your credit card company as to when your funds will be made available in your account. If you prefer, you can pay with a different Card for the rental fee but it will result in the bank delaying the release of the authorized funds.