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COOKE MINI S4 SET 18 25 32 50 75 100


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COOKE MINI S4 SET 18 25 32 50 75 100 Features

Cooke Mini S4 Set 18 25 32 50 75 100
Rent Cooke Mini S4/i Prime Lenses T2.8 | Adorama Rentals
Rent Cooke Mini S4/i Prime Lenses T2.8 Digital Cinema Lenses. Features 18mm, 25mm, 32mm, 50mm, 75mm & 100mm lenses with /i Technology & Cam-Style Focus Movement.

The Cooke Mini S4/i Prime Lenses T2.8: High Optical Quality & Enhanced Workflow
The Cooke Mini S4/i Prime Lenses T2.8 set is comprised of six lenses: 18mm, 25mm, 32mm, 50mm, 75mm, and 100mm lenses. All of these feature Super 35-sized sensors and a 2.8 to 22 T-stop range. With these miniS4/i lenses, Cooke features focus scales (in feet) and an aperture range of T2.8 to T22. Each one is equipped with a PL mount so that users can pair these lenses with most professional cinema cameras. The hand-fitted construction is combined with a linear iris, cam-style focus, and /i Technology. All of the Cooke lenses in this kit are equipped with the brand's /i Technology. This feature automatically captures essential lens data for every frame. Because the data is provided digitally, the /i Technology streamlines production and post-production. By choosing the Cooke Mini S4/i lenses, users get cost-efficiency and can better realize their creative vision.

Key features include:

•6 Mini S4/i Cooke Lenses (18mm, 25mm, 32mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm)
•Cam-Style Focus Movement
•A wide range of features with i/Technology
•True T2.8 aperture
•Covers Super 35mm format
•Arriflex PL Mount

World-Class Cam-Style Focus Movement
Cooke has developed an Academy Award-winning cam-style focus movement that provides more focus markings. Its large lens barrel diameter also adds benefit to this feature. Each lens has control over spherical aberration throughout the range of focal lengths so that the compensation of changes in back focus is removed. Along with these, the smooth and backlash-free movement is possible thanks to its four-point contact bearing.

Continuous Remote Readout with /i Technology
Using the Cooke Mini S4/i lenses, users can have a continuous remote readout of the focus setting because of its /i Technology. The T-stop and depth-of-field inside the lens are also affected by the continuous remote readout, allowing you to view the subject in front of you and the focus setting at the same time with very little head or eye movement.
The /i Technology allows these Cooke lenses to record vital lens configurations digitally and accurately. This eliminates the need to set up the configuration of every shot manually. Along with this, your footage is also synced to the Timecode.

Streamlined Processes in Production & Post-Production
While using any of the Cooke lenses, recording the metadata is automatic. This makes it easier for users to operate the lens without having to make any real-time adjustments. The recorded data is then converted to a digital/film medium or gets stored to an SD card. Even with the /i Technology, these lenses can still be operated normally without the need for specialists or complicated accessories.
These Mini S4/i lenses directly communicate to digital and film cameras with /i Technology features through their lens mouths. These cameras include the ARRI Alexa and LF, RED, Sony Venice, F55, F5, F3, F65, F35, SI 2K, Aaton Penelope, and Arricams. Because of the /i electronics, it establishes the framework, and the available camera data will depend on the choice of manufacturer via software and upgrades.
Productions and post-production processes can take time since digital data can be confusing. These S4/i lenses, on the otherhand, streamline the procedures for users for cost-efficiency. For artist, creating visual effects and 3D models become more precise and quicker to do.

Reliable Focus Scaling & Durable Build
The focus barrel of each of the Cooke lenses features large numerals on both sides. This allows users to work their focus puller from either side without flipping the lens or remarking them. Along with this feature, all of the S4/i lenses in this kit have a scratch resistant PTFE hard anodized finish to provide a sturdy, hard-wearing surface that can withstand the harshest environmental conditions.

Features Eight-Leaf Linear Module Iris Assembly
Each Cooke lens in this set is equipped with an eight-leaf linear module iris assembly. This feature is fitted into each of the MiniS4/i prime lenses that have an aperture range of T2.8 to T22. All of the lenses include a 110mm front diameter so matt boxes, filter rings, and other accessories can be attached.
Uncoated replacement optics can be purchased for each lens so that photographers can capture images with a more vintage look. But it's important to note that authorized lens technicians are recommended to do this replacing.

Highly Compatible Cine Lenses
Most of the Cooke lenses in this set feature a standard 87mm front diameter. Theonly exception is the 18mm lens, which is equipped with a front diameter of 10mm. Along with this, all of the Cooke S4 prime lenses have a 121T x 0.8 mod focus drive gear and a 119T x 0.8 iris drive gear. Cooke Optics has also designed and developed the /i Technology as an open protocol. The brand has established this open standard to streamline processes and make these lenses digitally compatible from production to post. The brands that are compatible with these Cooke Lenses are ARRI, Canon, BlackMagic Design, Avid, Fujinon, RED, Panavision, Sony, Zeiss, The Pixel Farm, and many more.

Cooke Mini S4/i Prime Lenses T2.8 Rentals in NYC
The Cooke Mini S4/i Prime Lenses T2.8 offers a range of features that would benefit your shoots and post-production work. But there's no need to spend thousands of dollars to experience its award-winning cam-style focus movement and superb /i Technology. Consider renting the Cooke Mini S4/i set of digital cinema lenses (includes the 18mm, 25mm, 32mm, 50mm, 75mm, and 100mm prime lenses) from
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As customer satisfaction is our number one priority, our products undergo rigorous maintenance and necessary repairs before and after every rental. To learn more about our Cooke mini S4 rental process, simply visit the How It Workspage for more information.

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