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Decimator MD-QUAD 4:1 HDSDI Splitter
Rent Decimator MD-QUAD 1:4 Channel Multiviewer | Adorama Rentals
Rent the Decimator 3G/HD/SD-SDI Quad Splitter/Multiviewer. Features 1 to 4 channel multiviewer/quad split with SDI & HDMI outputs for 3G/HD/SD & custom layouts.

Stream to Multiple Devices with the Decimator 3G/HD/SD-SDI Quad Splitter/Multiviewer
Stream your stills and recordings on multiple devices effortlessly with the Decimator MD-QUAD 1:4 Channel Multiviewer/Quad Splitter. This compact HDMI multiviewer features four output channels, allowing you to broadcast your work from an SD-SDI, 3G-SDI, or HD-SDI input format to a PAL or NTSC format output simultaneously. Different aspect ratios are supported and displayed without data loss. Equipped with a thorough test pattern generator, you can even check for odd circuit behavior before crucial presentations.
The Decimator Splitter is sure to satisfy perfectionist users and meticulous clients with 54 test patterns, applicable to 26 selectable output formats. Meet professional-grade demands as you screen for subpar digital payoff with tools like the luma pattern generator. With this option, you can intuitively review signals for clippings in brightness and RGB renditions. For a more comprehensive evaluation of color resolution, the Decimator 3G/HD/SD-SDI Quad Splitter provides you with a chroma zone plate, making it easier to spot errors in chroma reproduction and scaling.

Key features include:

•Low latency buffering for each input
•Variable aspect ratios per quadrant
•Included rotary encoder and push-button selector
•54 test pattern generators (including luma and chroma-zone plates)
•Multiple compatible signal formats
•Expansive selection of audio metering tools
•Included audio tone generator
•Convenient pass-through mode
•Lockable power socket
•Compact design (3.5 x 3.7 x 0.9 inches or 90 x 94 x 23 mm)

Unify Unsynchronized Signals with the Decimator Quad Splitter
Living up to the praise given by broadcast engineers and experienced users, the Decimator MD-QUAD 3G/HD/SD-SDI Quad Split Multi-Viewer packs cutting edge features into its low-cost miniature design. Combine multiple signals and project it as a single output with its (3G/HD/SD)-SDI 4 to 1 Quad Split or 4 to 1 input multiplexer. With state-of-the-art circuitry, the Decimator MD boasts independent processing of input signals, guaranteeing rich renditions on the final output projection.
Rising above its competitors, the Decimator MD-QUAD flaunts the capacity to bring together up to four inputs seamlessly by virtue of individual low latency buffering. Take advantage of the advanced technology and integrate incoming signals of varying formats and frame rates as a unified output. Made more efficient with independent windows and quadrants, the Decimator MD-QUAD empowers you to seamlessly display dissimilar digital data regardless of its source.

Expansive Format Support Maximizes Utility
Enjoy unparalleled convenience with the Decimator MD-Quad. Built to support multiple formats, this innovative piece of equipment saves you the trouble of having to wire additional gear to your setup. SDI input and output formats include 1080p at 60, 59.94, and 50 Hz at 3G. Meanwhile, SDI-HD streams are compatible with 1080p/psf at 30, 29.97, 25, 24, and 23.98 Hz, as well as 1080i at 60, 59.94, and 50 Hz. Signals with 720p resolution are also viewable at 60, 59.94, 50, 30, 29.97, 25, 24, and 23.98 Hz.
On the other hand, allowable SDI-SD inputs are 525i at 59.94 Hz and 625i at 50 Hz. With the Decimator MD-Quad, you get 16 on-screen character IDs (UMDs) for each input and a unique Pass Through mode that allows any of the four connected inputs to be displayed for screening. When said fuction is engaged, the Decimator Quad Splitter directs the signal of your choice to both 3G/HD/SD-SDI and HDMI outputs, giving you the opportunity to readily share your work with colleagues and clients.

Take Advantage of Multiple Audio Monitoring Parameters
Apart from test pattern generators to aid in perfecting visual payoff, the Decimator MD-QUAD 3G/HD/SD-SDI Quad Splitter equips users with a significant number of audio metering options. These include being able to select the first two audio groups individually and utilize transparency adjustment tools. With the Decimator Quad Splitter, you get to implement 8-channel audio metering with AES, VU, EXTENDED VU, BBC, EBU, DIN, and NORDIC scales.
Taking it a step further, the decimator splitter also offers the following tools for thorough quality inspection: vertical and horizontal bars; bar and float, bar only, and float only tools; separate bar and float ballistics control; adjustable reference levels; bar thickness adjustment; margin adjustment; and red, yellow, and green range adjustment.

Compact & Easy to Use
The Decimator MD-QUAD Splitter impresses in both functionality and convenience. Sporting a miniature design of 3.5 x 3.7 x 0.9 inches (90 x 94 x 23 mm), the Decimator can easily fit inside an extra pocket of any bag for easy access. It is also very lightweight at only 1.6 pounds (725.75 g), hardly adding to the usual load of essential production gear. To top it all off, the splintter provides a broad range of controllable and user-friendly functions for simple output polishes, as well as LEDs and push buttons for quick status and control.

Decimator MD-QUAD Quad-Split Multiviewer Rentals in NYC
Do you often need to present your work across multiple monitors or have trouble projecting varying inputs on a single display? If so, then the Decimator MD-QUAD 3G/HD/SD-SDI Quad Split Multi-Viewer is sure to relieve unnecessary stress as you venture into the world of artistic productions. Experience its inclusive format support system and multiple quality-check parameters for a portion of its full price when you rent it from
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